Friday, March 20, 2009

More Spring My Way!

Not to brag at all, but I LOVE my spring flowers!!! Here are a few more shots of what's new in my yard this week. Just imagine smelling them too! Now I just need to get out and rake around them. Hmmm. Maybe tomorrow. Bulb flowers are such a miracle to me... plant them once, and then just about when you forget they are there, they just pop up without any effort at all! And beautiful? Spring flower are the BEST! They take the cake.

Brooklyn at Ballet

Brooklyn is taking "balerina lessons". It's actually part ballet, part jazz, and part gymnastics at Flips Gym. She absolutely loves it. She dances her little heart out. She is such a great listener and tries very hard to do what the teacher says. She is my defintion of pure joy when she is dancing. I love to just watch her for an hour every week. I sit back and giggle and truly enjoy her while she's dancing. It's fun to just take a step back and watch sometimes, instead of being right in the middle of it all. One more precious experience Heavenly Father has sent my way. Thanks again!

Canyon's 7th Birthday

Here I am back again, and no.... it has NOT been a month since I last wrote ( for those of you who are bettin' people.) I've been anxiously awaiting for some excitement to happen so that I could have something to say. That sounds really pathetic, doesn't it? Our lives are GREAT!!! Here is some of the latest.
Canyon is now my big 7 year old. I can't believe he's growing up. He didn't ask me. Sometimes I wish I could push the pause button. He decided to have a Rootin' Tootin' Cowboy party. We painted moustaches on 9 little boys with face paint, we decorated cowboy hats with western stickers, we played pin the moustache on Canyon's "WANTED" poster, we played pass the rasttlesnake (a version of hot potato), and he got all of his "Texas toys" to put on top of his cake. We could hardly see the cake for all the toys on top. Canyon decided to "invite" Ellie (his elephant) and he even made him a personalized cowboy hat. So cute. The wranglers left with a bandana full of a deck of cards, a toy horse, a toy snake, a harmonica, some golden coins, and some rattlesnake eggs (bubblegum eggs). They had a blast and so did mom planning and hosting the whole shin-dig. Here are some darling photos of the event. As much as it breaks my heart for my little boy to grow up, it is so fun to see him experience every little stage of his life. He might be done with his darling 6 year old experiences, but hold on 7... here he comes! I LOVE being this little boy's mother. I count it one of my biggest blessings in life. It has been such a pleasure to be a spectator and a participant in his grand little life. His such a mighty, mighty, little boy and a bundle of energy and wisdom and curiosity. He teaches me lessons everyday. We are so thankful for such a wonderful little boy in our lives.