Monday, June 1, 2009

My, oh my... there went MAY!

I know....I know... it's been over a month. So sorry. I TOLD you this would be a monthly event. Here is a sampling of what our family has been up to lately. Maybe you'll understand why I haven't had time to sit down and blog after you read about our May.

Canyon had a great opportunity to be in Bountiful Jr. High's play during the first week of May. His best friend's mom was the director and asked him to play a small part acting as Cosmo as a young child for about 1 minute during their version of "Singing in the Rain". He didn't have to say any words, just do a little dance with little Don Lockwood (David Wadley, his best buddy), and then act like they were watching a movie. I'm so proud of Canyon. He did a marvelous job. He was a little nervous, but got up for 5 performances in front of about 400 people each time. He did a fabulous job. What a growth experience, honey! Way to go.

We spent several hours/ day working in our yard this month. Mom and dad came for a visit and Dad helped me trim my peach tree. Someday I'll get how to do that on my own. Thanks dad!

The next day, dad took mom to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point for her Mother's Day gift. They invited Brooklyn and I to go along for the ride. It was MARVELOUS! Honestly and literally breathtaking. We were in our own little garden of Eden.

Brooklyn had a blast roaming around each garden and riding on the back of the golf cart that grandpa rented. What a way to see a huge garden in a short time!

Brooklyn had her very first dance recital in May as well. She's been taking a dance class from Monique Draper ("Miss Mo") at FLIPS since February. It's a combination dance class... a little ballet, a little jazz, and a little gymnastics. She loves it, but was little nervous for her first recital in a huge high school gym full of people. WOWIE what a brave girl I have! She did a fantastic job! Her little "mini" dance team won 1st place for their category. She didn't care... she just had fun. She was a little worried about showing her shoulders though. She was worried that her costume wasn't "modest" enough so we found her a black t-shirt to wear under it so she could feel comfortable dancing with sleeves. What a sweetheart I have.

I woke up on Mother's Day to BEEEEAUTIFUL flowers from my honey (CLUNK goes my beating heart!!), homemade cards and presents from my little sweeties (THE BEST!) and if that wasn't enough... I received my dream waffle iron for a present! It actually cooks 4 at a time. (How did we live 15 married years with a waffle iron that only cooks one at a time????) Wow, I'm spoiled!

I am so very lucky to be a mother. I thank Heavenly Father everyday for this opportunity to be entrusted with these three little souls. They have made my life so wonderful and busy and hectic and great and joyful and fun and happy and stressful and ..... and ... and ... and I wouldn't trade them for anything. Thanks Sid, for being the other half of my motherhood.

I went to Kennecott Copper Mine on a field trip with Jaxon's 4th grade class as a parent volunteer . I've always wanted to go there, and never have. So now I can cross that one off my bucket list. It was so interesting. The HUGE trucks looked like little tonka trucks in that big hole. FUN.

My nephew Russell married his true love, Lezlie-Ann, in the Logan Temple during the month of May. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of them (so sorry, I left that up to the many other cameras pointing at them that day), but I did get a great picture of Sid and I in front of the Logan Temple. It was a great wedding and reception afterward. What a neat example of really being prepared to spend the rest of their lives together. They are absolutely darling. I love them!

Jaxon has earned his Bear and is now a Webelo! What an amazing young man he is turning out to be. Jaxon has been lucky enough to have his dad be his scout leader for the last year or two. He's loved it. He's learned so much. Jaxon also finished this year's soccer season. They only lost one game the whole season. They are definately the team to beat! He made a goal during his last game.

Brooklyn had her Preschool Graduation Program, which also means that her mom was in charge! It was a great program. We had over 100 people ( plus 19 preschoolers) in attendance! What a party. This year we did it at the Centerville Library. Each preschooler had a speaking part during a song and dance program. We sang about 10 songs, then had a slideshow of all of the pictures I took of the kids the whole year. It was a blast! It was sure nice to do, but so nice to have over. I couldn't move the next day. I took a nap on the front lawn, watched a movie, read a book, took another nap, and just looked at the laundry and dishes for a whole day. A great day to start the summer. (Yes, I have since done the dishes and laundry.) Here is Brooklyn at her graduation with chocolate cake all over her face. As it should be!
The kids pooled their spending money last week and together bought a snow cone maker machine in hopes that they could charge 50 cents at a stand in our front yard several times this summer and earn enough money to eventually buy a cotton candy maker, and a hot dog maker, and a popcorn maker and then earn a million dollars with all of these money making devices. What a great idea! We've only been selling 2 days, about 3 total hours, and have already made $20.27 cents. Pretty good, huh? Now we are only in the hole about $39 more. (I know you're asking yourself how we ended up with 27 cents... well a neighbor kid has his own snow cone machine at home, so he came with a cup of shaved ice, but he ran out of flavoring at home. He thought 27 cents was a good trade to fill it up with flavor. So did my kids. DEAL! Now we are 1/2 way to paying for the snow cone machine itself ( not counting the flavors). Still in the red... but not for long.

Memorial Day was spent selling snow cones, going to a movie, the "Night in the Museum 2", and then we ran through the fountains at the Gateway. It was a fun afternoon. I loved this picture... pure joy!

HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY MY LITTLE BOY JAXON! I can't believe it's been 10 entire years since you made me a mother. What wonder I had as I held your tiny body that first day. I remember thinking, now I've met you... but I can't wait to know you. What personality are you going to have, what will you look like after you are not a baby anymore. Well, now I have better idea of who this boy really is ... and I couldn't be prouder of you, young man. Jaxon is a very helpful, responsible person. He is very concerned about the well being of others. He quietly does small acts of service everyday, not expecting anything in return. He is such a marvelous helper and a kind leader. He is a great student and loves the adventure reading brings him. He is a great soccer player and loves to ride his bike. He is curious about how things work and will someday be my personal mechanic and cabinet maker. He yearns to someday be a pilot, and I know he can do anything he puts his mind to. He makes such good choices and I can't wait to see what the next 10 years will bring. But not too fast buddy. You're growing up way too fast! I love you sweetie! I love being your mom.
He requested mom's homemade apple pie instead of a birthday cake. Good choice!

Jaxon gathered all of his birthday money and all of his piggybank money and went and bought himself a brand new bike for his birthday. WOW! You should see him zip around.

Last week he had his spring piano recital. He's getting so good at the piano after 1 1/2 years of lessons. He played two songs " the Irish Dance" and "Angry Crocodile" , both memorized for over a month.

Jaxon also had a big 4th grade county report due this month. He was the only one in his class to get 100% and his teacher wanted to keep his report to show next year's class a good example of how it's done. Way to go friend! He also had to show what he learned about Washington county in a fun way to his class. He decided to make a parade float and put it on his remote control truck and drive it around the class. His float is below. It had a guy golfing, the tunnell in a mountain in Zion's Park, and a four wheeler going over the sand dunes. Well done!

During my free time this month, I made Brooklyn a new twirly skirt. We went to the fabric story together and she picked out the fabric all by herself. She loves it because it twirls so much. I think this was the first thing I've ever sewn for her. I was so glad she liked it. We went today to get 4th of July fabric.
I also read a great book -- "Goose Girl" by Shannon Hale. I loved it. It was a great way to start out the summer.

So there is my family's month of May. I honestly didn't have a spare second to blog about it until now. And even now, it's 12:15 AM. Until next month, or sooner if the occasion arises. Love to all!
(Even though I don't keep up my blog very well, I LOVE to read your blogs. Thanks for being more diligent than me!)