Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blogging is Blogging Me Down (August and September)

I knew this blogging thing would eventually blog me down. I just honestly haven't found the time these last two months. It's amazing to me how much of life gets put on the back burner during the months of Aug and Sept. So sorry. I will try to do better. Here are some of our family's highlights for the past two months. Hang in there...


Drumroll please.... here are the long awaited "AFTER" shots of our finished preschool room in our basement, before and after being furnished. I LOVE IT! I love having a little extra space downstairs. We still have a few things to finish up in the laundry room, but this room is done and I am using it for preschool now. YAHOO!


We had a great time at Raspberry days, as usual. We got there in time for the parade. Here are the kids eager to catch some candy.

Here's a self portrait of myself and my beautiful mother. A perfect summer evening on the beach watching my kids have a blast and visiting with my wonderful mom.... how could I be so lucky?

The boys had a blast with the giant trikes.

I was cooking a meal at the townhouse and caught this precious moment out on the deck with my mom and my daughter coloring and chatting together about all the things that were important to Brooklyn at that moment.

We love to make sandcastles!

Brooklyn had a wonderful 5th birthday party.... princess style (of course).

Here they all are "twirling". What could be a more important princess duty than twirling? We practiced for the majority of the party.

Brooklyn and her beeeutiful friends in their princess attire.

Playing pin the princess in the window of the castle.

A pretty darn darlin' cake, if I say so myself. It was fun to make. Brooklyn especially liked licking the frosting off of the feet of all of her princesses afterwards.

We were able to go to Bear Lake with some friends of ours, the Bangerters. They borrowed a boat for an afternoon. We had a blast.

Davis and Bangerter kids!


Jaxon - 5th grade
Canyon - 2nd grade
Brooklyn- Kindergarten


We went out to the hot air balloon festival at Antelope Island, but it was too windy for any hot air balloons. BUMMER! Jaxon had fun climbing the rock wall. He made it to the top both times! RING THAT BELL!


Mom and Dad came to see Canyon in a Grandparent Day Program at school, then took us to the State Fair. Brooklyn and Canyon had a great time riding on laps of very patient grandparents and not having to walk a lot of the way. (Why was I so tired that night?)

Canyon loved this great big bunny named Peek-A-Boo.

Brooklyn loved the piggies.

The weather man said that if you want to enjoy fall, you better enjoy it soon because it's going to snow. So we took his advice and took the day off of life and drove to Mirror Lake for a picnic. The leaves were absolutely perfect. It was fun to just relax and see the beauty of our very own mountains.

I loved this picture of our three little darlings.

And that does it for the very best of the best of the August and September.

Preschool and school have started. Life is back to a pretty strict schedule of teaching, piano lessons, soccer games, homework, scouts, church callings, etc. I love my busy life, even if blogging doesn't get done as often as I'd like.
Love to you all.
Karen and the Davis'