Friday, November 6, 2009

An Awesome October

OOPS... I went backwards on this blog. Last is first and first is last (that almost sounds like scripture????) Anyway, maybe if you turn around when you read this it will make more sense.

I love warm November days. Today was one of the best ones in history. Brooklyn and I went outside and played in the leaves. She had fun throwing them up and then we made leaf angels. We raked a huge pile at the bottom of the slide. Tonight each of my darlings invited a friend over to play in the leaves, then we cooked hotdogs over the fire in the backyard firepit and played hide and go seek in the dark. What simple fun. I love beautiful fall days, the rustle of brown leaves, the smell of a campfire, the laughter of my children, and s'mores!!!! What a great day!

After the trick-or-treating, THE LOOT! (see note about the backwards thing)

And we're off to fill our bags with tooth decaying, diabetes causing, smile making "sugar pellets" (as Sid calls them). What fun! (Jaxon thinks he's big enough to trick-or-treat with friends in an alternate neighborhood! What! Then mom can't take cute pictures of you!)

We had a blast carving our pumpkins. Jaxon chose the biggest pumpkin at the store. He carved his at a party at a friends house.

Canyon and Brooklyn had a hard time touching the pumpkin guts, but had fun carving them. Small children with sharp knives???? Who ever thougth of this tradition anyway?

Canyon's teacher, Mrs. Pettit, is such an awesome teacher. She took the whole month of October and every Friday taught their entire class and a sixth grade class the dance of "Thriller", then she dressed up as Michael Jackson at the school carnival an danced with them. So funny.

Here is a video of Canyon's awesome dance, exept that one of his classmates is wearing a really BIG and ANNOYING chicken costume right in front of him the whole time. If you kind of move your head up and down to the beat while watching this, and look out the side of your eyes, you might actually see Canyon's face for a moment or two. He's the one right behind THAT DARN CHICKEN!!!!!
Here is also a small clip of Brooklyn. Her class did a darling Halloween program with all kinds of poems and songs. So sweet.

My beautiful birthday flowers from my sweet hubby and a neighbor. I LOVE getting flowers! And tulips in November? Who knew?

Brooklyn was invited to a very fun neighborhood party for everyone kindergarten age and younger. They had stories and games and big blowup slides and a pinata and pizza and juice and boiling cauldrons of witches brew...and....and....and about 50 little kids all dressed up. What FUN!

Hit that pinata girl!

Here are the kids in their costumes.... Jaxon was a self-made IPOD. Pretty darn cute.

Brooklyn was Rapunzel. Her wig(s) were purchased at Dollar Tree -- all five of them because one was way too sparse. 5 was way too sparse too, but I could only fit 5 headbands on her little head. Silly, but she was in heaven with long sparkly hair. She wore this outfit to all of her pre Halloween parties, but when it came right down to trick-or-treating, she chose a pink princess dress instead. Options are good. Who ever said you had to stick to one Halloween outfit???

Canyon was a little fickle too. He was this darling dragon for most of the festivities, but chose to be a karate man for his school carnival.

Jaxon and Canyon and I had fun going to Frightmares with the Stephenson and Painter cousins. This picture is our very last ride for the night. We were just getting off the white roller coaster and the workers were closing up shop. They agreed to take our picture before we left. We are screaming and holding our hands up, because that's what you do on the roller coaster, right? Even if your are not actually riding it anymore????

Brooklyn celebrated her summer birthday in October her kindergarten class. We took icecream to her whole class. She was so excited to celebrate her "special day" in school. We showed some pictures of her, and read her two favorite stories " Fancy Nancy" and "The Paper Bag Princess".

Jaxon and his best friend Eli just finished up this season of soccer. They will start again in the spring. He sure has a good time with socccer. His team name is the Golden Vikings.

Once again, so sorry that it's backwards. I guess that is a hazzard of only blogging once a month, once I get the hang of it, I forget how by the next time. Oh, well.
Before I leave you all for another month, I thought I would leave you with some awefully funnythings Brooklyn has said the last few weeks. They make me laugh, maybe they'll make you laugh too. It must be a 5 year old thing. Five year olds seem to say the funniest things.
Brooklyn heard Sid call me "dear". She looked at her dad and said "why don't you ever call her cupcake?"
Brooklyn was inspecting her legs the other day and said "Mom, look, I have man-hairs on my legs just like the brothers!"
"Mom, my bottom just burped!" (fart)
Brooklyn saying "Mom, I think I'm falling in love with Canyon.... he's my true love's prince."
Brooklyn spotted a squirrel run across the road. After pointed it out to me she said "Yup, I sure do have good looking eyes. (i.e. eyes that see small creatures well)
While watching Bambi, when Thumper and Flower get all "twitterpated", Brooklyn said, "When a boy and girl fall in love, why does the boy always act all silly and the girl has to do all the work?" (Well said, honey, well said. I didn't really have a good answer for that.)
Brooklyn's neverending questions start early in the morning and go until dark. Here are a few:
- How big is an elephants belly button?
- Does Heavenly Father have a grandma and grandpa?
- Do Jesus and Heavenly Father laugh?
- Snow White is coming on TV tonight at 15 o'clock. Can I watch it?
-When Canyon grows up, will he be a grown-up?
- When your gas tank in your car is empty, where did the gas go?
- Do we get birthdays in heaven?
-Do all animals have belly buttons? THINK ABOUT THAT ONE!
- What kind of home does a platypus live in?
- How do eggs get inside of chickens, and do they just QUACK to get them out?
-Do Chinese people know sign language?
Have a great day! I love to read your blogs!


  1. My, it looks like you have been as busy as we have. I love all of Brooklyn's quotes. What an amazing little girl. We sure had lots of fun with you guys this summer. It is about time to make a date for the kids sleepover. Have a great day. Love ya lots. LaDawn

  2. Oh my goodness, I LOVE your cute family! Tell that cute princess of yours hello from me. You're such a great mom! (and aunt) :-)

  3. I can't wait to be a mom! You make it look so fun and easy (even though I know it's not) I can't wait for school plays, trick or treating, making leaf angels, and all the funny questions I will be asked. What a blessing you are to your family and to me. Your such a great example of the type of mom I hope to be one day. Thanks for the update! I am constantly checking your blog to see if you have posted.

    Oh! Girl names we like are Azure or Avalee Mae Stott. Mae after Grandma Shirley. So far we are liking Avalee a little more though. If you think of any other cute names let me know!

  4. How fun! That is so lucky you get to do things for birthdays in Utah still. I'm allowed to say Happy Birthday and I can give them a pencil or something if I want but that's it. Yay not so fun. We love to read your blog too. Love the pics in the leaves